Fragrances & Colors

100% Soy Wax

100% Soy Candle Burns cooler and longer -- Environmentally Safe and Biodegradable -- Made from a renewable resource -- Non-GMO Soy -- Supports Americas Farmers -- Made in the USA


These candles are specially formulated with 2-wicks to ensure total candle consumption.


The manufacturing process used to make AROMABEADS™ is unique and locks the fragrance into the wax beads. Thousands of  AROMABEADS™ in each candle with maximum fragrance content. Quick and strong fragrance release.


Mini glass jars, large elegant cylinders, tins, re-usable shaker jars, re-usable vase jars, mason jar pints and more! Container candles are the most popular candle type right now. 


Diffusers are a special blend of liquids and fragrance oil that will completely evaporate while fragrancing your room. Perfect when a flame is not permitted or desired.


Jel candles are unique and not many candle makers are able to make as many different kinds of these candles as we are. Our process allows the jel to burn just as well as wax candles, with just as much fragrance.

Jel w/ Icons

Experience the unique look of our amazing jel candles with specially shaped wax icons. The possibilities are endless!

Jel w/ Votive Cup

Container candle or votive? These candles have an inner clear glass votive cup surrounded by jel with icons. Inside the votive cup is 3oz of scented jel. Once the jel in the clear votive cup completely burns, refill with your favorite votive, and use the jar as candle holder!

Melt Warmers

Whimsical or elegant- add decor and fragrance to your home with one of our melt warmers. All the fragrance, none of the flame!


Melts do not have a wick and are made to be used with a warmer. A great alternative when flames are not allowed or desired. All the fragrance, none of the flame! Melt burner required and sold separately.

Mottled Wax

Mottling gives wax a unique texture and character that can be described as "starbursts" or crystallized snowflakes throughout. Beautiful!


Classic and timeless! Perfect for decorating and fragrancing. Use different sizes of pillars in one setting to add depth and dimension.

Room Spray

Not just candles! Try our room sprays for a quick fragrance lift in any room.


Samplers give customers the chance to try several of our most popular fragrances in a small form, so you can pick your favorites!

Soy Blend Wax

Many of our candles are a Soy Blend which is a natural based wax. It helps the candle to be clean burning and highly fragranced. Soy burns cleaner than petroleum because it is a vegetable base. When petroleum burns it gives off carbon emissions. A wick will give off carbon emissions (any fire will) but petroleum enhances that emission and soy does not. All of our soy is non-GMO. Supports American farmers.


White and unscented, for use with our tealight melt warmer

Timber Wick

Candles made with a timber, or wooden wick. Benefits: the greater surface area of the timber wick burns more fragrance oil than a regular cotton wick, allowing these candles to have higher fragrance content. Experience the naturality of the wood and the unique-ness of the crackle!


Votives will completely liqueify when burned, they are made to be used in a container, like a votive cup.


Candles made from natural, paraffin and petroleum based wax.